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TOPS T1 Tom Brown Tracker TBT-010
TOPS Knives logo
код: BRKTBT-010
540.00 лв.
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  Made by TOPS Knives
The Tracker is manufactured in Idaho Falls, USA by TOPS Knives. TOPS is renowned for their extreme commitment to quality and backs all of their knives with a lifetime warranty and free resharpening service for the original owner of any of their products.
  Individually Serialized
Each knife comes with its own unique serial number and is engraved with the Tracker School logo as well as Tom Brown's signature.
  Black Powder Coat
This knife is finished with a powder coat that is rust proof and non-reflective.
  Full Tang Design with Micarta Slabs
The Tracker is a full tang design which means that the sharpened portion and the handle are one continuous piece of steel. Micarta slabs (or handles) are securely attached to both sides of the steel blank.
  Three Position Handle
The handle of the Tracker Knife has three distinct dips in it that allow for three different positions to grip the knife. As one grips further toward the back of the knife, greater power is achieved for heavy duty work like chopping and splitting. Alternatively the user can grab the handle more towards the front to get the most control for jobs that require a high degree of accuracy.
  Textured Thumb Groove
The topside of the knife features a gentle textured area for the thumb to rest while one is performing detailed carving.
  Chopping / Scraping Edge
This is one of the most useful parts of the Tracker Knife. The front rounded edge is excellent for chopping, scraping, and some carving tasks where the straight edge cannot reach.
  Straight Carving Blade / Draw Knife
The straight portion of the blade is used for detailed carving. Alternatively, the knife can be turned around pulled toward the user with two hands in the "draw knife" configuration. The draw knife function is used to take off large amounts of material while maintaining close control.
  Quarter Rounder
The curve where the chopping edge meets the straight edge is called the quarter rounder. It can be used for many different odd carving tasks like finishing fine points and scraping arrow shafts.
  Sawback Edge
The sawback edge can be used to cut through wood or simply make notches for various primitive trap components.
  Wire Breaker
The notch closest to the tip of the knife runs deeper so that it may function as a make-shift fence wire breaker. It works by inserting the wire into the notch and then rapidly moving the knife in a side to side fashion.
  Lanyard Hole
The base of the knife handle features a hole that easily accommodates a lanyard for those that prefer to secure the knife to their wrist while using it.
Other Info
  • Steel Type: 1095 High Carbon
  • Overall Length: 11-7/8 inches (302mm)
  • Chopping Blade Length: 4-1/4 inches (108mm)
  • Straight Blade Length: 2-1/8 inches (54mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
  • Blade Hardness: 58 HRC
  • Comes with a basic kydex sheath; Hedgehog Leatherworks sheaths are available for purchase separately
  • Includes 22 page instruction booklet
  • More info about TOPS Knives: www.topsknives.com
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